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Calm DigestiviTea


Calm DigestiviTea – sweet, refreshing cup of calm



Naturally caffeine free, ethically sourced and organically grown ingredients: Liquorice root, peppermint, spearmint, chamomile, fennel seed.

I have carefully selected & lovingly hand-blended the herbs in Calm DigestiviTea to gently settle digestion. The cooling mints and calming chamomile combined with fennel, are perfectly blended with the subtle sweetness of liquorice root to relax mind, body & soul. A sweet, refreshing, uplifting cup of calm.

Calming, cooling, relaxing
Gently settles digestion
Aids digestion & alleviates gas or bloating
For occasional stomach upset or nausea
Relieves occasional constipation or diarrhoea associated with IBS
Assists cramping and pain
Cleanses and detoxifies



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