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Skin ClariTea


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Skin ClariTea – rejuvenate, illuminate and radiate



Naturally caffeine free, ethically sourced and organically grown ingredients: Red clover, burdock, calendula, nettle leaf, dandelion root.

I have carefully selected and lovingly hand-blended the herbs in Skin ClariTea. Earthy, soulful botanicals blend exquisitely to help detoxify, cleanse and clear skin and blood. A traditional formula to rejuvenate, illuminate and radiate.

Rejuvenating, illuminating and radiating
Detoxifying for skin, blood & lymphatic system
Cleansing Hormonal regulating
Beneficial for acne

1 review for Skin ClariTea

  1. Miranda

    I’ve had a lot of problems with my skin with bad hormonal acne. When I started using this tea I was also on medication (the pill) to help my skin. I was amazed, after one week I had 0 pimples, and my skin looked great. Now that I am off medication I’ve upped the amount to cups of tea to help keep my skin under control. Unlike most skin teas this one actually tastes great, and a pack goes a long way. Very happy with the results!

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