Dr Miranda Myles is a Naturopath & Acupuncturist transforming health & hormones, creating fertility & family with new approaches to conception.


Our Clinic:

The Pagoda Treeย 
Address:ย 124 Bridport St, Albert Park VIC
Phone:ย (03) 9686 7454

Email:ย hello@mirandamyles.com.auย 
or reception@thepagodatree.com.au



โ€ข Who needs an egg donor?
โ€ข How do I find an egg donor?
โ€ข The difference between local (Australia) vs International
โ€ข What is the success rate using donor eggs?
โ€ข Do we need anything to prepare for donor egg IVF (DEIVF)
โ€ข Is it my child?

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