i’m so excited to meet you

hi, I’m dr. Miranda Myles

…and I love what I do! I am an Integrative Naturopath and Clinical Acupuncturist, dedicated to the world of fertility, IVF support, gynaecology, women’s and men’s hormonal health, children’s health and emotional/mental health. I want you to be all you can be. The very best version of you.

Having gone through IVF with my own fertility issues, I get it.

The disappointment of every period. The stress, anxiety, anger and fear. It seems everyone around you is pregnant, in your office, friendship group and favourite cafe. Even the ones that weren’t really trying. I had my own individual journey, and now I am a mum of my 2 beautiful donor egg conceived children.

My private practice was established in 2002. I uniquely combine an integrated approach to health through multiple disciplines. As a business owner, director and entrepreneur, I developed one of Melbourne’s leading natural health and fertility treatment clinics for women, men and children, Freyja Health Clinic.

I’m a hormone & fertility detective. a conception queen.

My mantra is: Test Don’t Guess.

I am obsessed with pathology and am well known for my ability to accurately understand and easily explain blood test results to you, to help you know your body better. I never want you to feel unheard or misunderstood.

I love to integrate modern science with ancient wisdom. I use acupuncture, naturopathic and nutritional medicine, achievable dietary advice, herbal medicine, homeopathy and simple lifestyle changes to achieve the very best outcomes for you.

Academically, I am a highly respected lecturer, speaker & mentor, nationally & internationally.

I have been lecturing Nutritional medicine and Nutritional Biochemistry since 2006 at Endeavour College of Natural Health and Southern School of Natural Therapies (Torrens University Australia). I have also guest lectured at RMIT and La Trobe University, and I regularly feature on a variety of health podcasts.


20,000 patients, over 20 years


Dr. Miranda is a Conception Queen. She is a thought leader in women’s health, hormones & fertility, naturopathic gynaecology & reproduction, IVF/DEIVF support, male factor (in)fertility.