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Are you sinking down the rabbit hole? Buying into the overwhelm of anxiety, stress, not sleeping, can’t concentrate and feeling like you’re losing it? The Anxiety Relief Project is for you. 

Easy and accessible, it is a 14-day on-line program to give you simple tips and tools you can use straight away, at home or work, to ease anxiety. Our focus is to send messages of safety & calm to your nervous system to overcome anxiety, uncertainty, worry and fear. So you can breathe, be and become.

We have 3 homes – our earth, our body and our mind.

Take care of them.

What does it include?

Daily emails

14 days of emails with proven tools to calm stress and anxiety

FB lives

videos from Dr Miranda Myles with simple activities to ease anxiety & overwhelm

Private FB group

with others going through the same thing


Recipes and supplements to support the nervous system & immune response

Random acts of kindness

To pay it forward and give gratitude

Solution focus

with proven tools to overcome stress and anxiety

Support and guidance

Help and support you with your specific needs in times of difficulty

Safe environment

judgement free individuals wanting to support and help you


Any and everyone feeling stressed out and overwhelmed in life. If you have any of this going on:

Anxious & overwhelmed

Feeling panicked or panic attacks

Trouble sleeping

Can’t concentrate

Just holding it together

Butterflies in your stomach or don’t feel like eating

IBS, diarrhea, constipation

Sensation as if something stuck in your throat

Heavy in your chest or shortness of breathe


Can’t stop crying, or want to cry but can’t

Uncertain about the future

Worrying about everything

Can’t figure out what to do next


Periods all over the place

Stressed out trying to have a baby (natural, IVF, DEIVF)

Poor libido and just don’t feel like it

Hot sweats, night sweats or burning chest

Difficulty losing weight or weight gain


Then this really is for you. I had you in mind when I put this together.


Join your 14-day online journey to learn tips to ease your anxiety.
  • 2 Week Online Program - The Anxiety Relief Project
  • $ 47
    from $77*
  • Your Anxiety Relief tool box will include:

    • Effective journaling practice
    • Do it yourself acupressure points
    • Best nutrition & supplement advice for anxiety & immunity
    • No fuss recipes
    • Correct breathing techniques
    • Connection between gut health & anxiety
    • Sleep hygiene for deeper & calmer sleep
    • How to ground yourself quickly
    • Following your intuition
    • Easy & calming yoga poses
    • Quick meditations to quiet your mind
    • How to keep physically, mentally & emotionally calm
    • Engaging all your senses to surround yourself with calm
    • How to cope with a current crisis

*Offer valid till April 14th. Price increase will occur after this date.