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I have had the privilege of appearing on various media platforms and podcasts to discuss topics related to natural health, women’s health, and fertility. These appearances have included interviews on national television, radio programs, and popular podcasts, allowing me to share my expertise and insights with a wider audience.

Always a pleasure talking with Chanel 7News. During our conversation, we talked about the growing difficulty that infertile couples are facing in realising their hopes of becoming parents due to the rising demand and the resulting challenges in importing eggs and sperm from abroad.

We discussed how infertile couples are having their parenthood dreams shattered as increased demand makes it harder than ever to import eggs and sperm from overseas. With Victoria’s IVF donor rules being the strictest in the country, many of my clients are having to travel to South Australia to start IVF.

Such a pleasure to be interviewed by the lovely @estellegriepink for channel 7 news talking about CoQ10 formulation targeting the mitochondria – the battery of the cell – that supplies energy to ageing eggs and protects DNA from damage. We have used CoQ10 for a gazillion years, so this is very exciting!⁣

In this episode, I join Lucas, as one of his FAVOURITE past lecturers to discuss various naturopathic philosophies, western medicine, gut health, thyroid function, stress, fertility & more!

Emma Sutherland and I delve into the world of thyroid, liver and metabolic health as they discuss how to support clients experiencing metabolic imbalance. I share my clinical experience in identifying thyroid imbalances and how to determine what pathology tests are required and when, and importantly, how to interpret them in support of a client’s presentation.

This extra-ordinary webinar shares the journeys to parenthood of five mums who required donor eggs. It illustrates the different pathways each took to fulfilling that dream – whether it was the USA, Australia, Greece or elsewhere.


The Donor Project Podcast is designed to educate, empower and inspire couples to think beyond “infertility” and consider all the possibilities to fulfill their dream of becoming a parent, but also to change the conversation around what it means to have a donor-egg conceived child. Because every woman deserves the opportunity to be a Mama and every man a Dad.

my other appearances

I was featured in an article in Newborn Baby AU to discuss 13 Practical Tips to Enhance Fertility, Naturally. Studies have shown that as many as 15% (1 in 6) experience fertility issues throughout their reproductive lives. Fertility is a reflection of a woman’s overall health, so the idea is to be at their healthiest before they even start trying.

I talk about my own personal experience with overseas egg donation, and the deep understanding I’ve gained of the journey to starting a family. I’m passionate about sharing my expertise and advice for women facing fertility challenges.

In this episode, Iris and I discuss topics of sperm health and male fertility that are not normally talked about and often not taken into consideration when it comes to conceiving – while they’re really 50% of the story. These stats are likely to BLOW. YOUR. MIND.

In this episode, we talk about the ridiculous, one-track focus on female fertility, the significant decline in male fertility over the last 40 years, the parameters we should look at in a semen analysis, what normal sperm morphology looks like, and so much more!

In this episode, we talk about the importance of high-quality sperm for a successful pregnancy outcome, whether a child conceived with a donor egg is still the child of the carrying mother, the risks associated with egg donation, and so much more!

In this episode, we talk about when intending parents should start considering egg donation, the ins and outs of finding an egg donor, Dr. Myles’ own journey, why it took five people to create her unique family, and so much more!

Have you had hormone health bloods performed and told that your thyroid health was normal? You’re certainly not alone. An important piece of your hormone health puzzle is often left out- a test for thyroid antibody levels to check for autoimmunity activity.

Yep, we are talking hormones. If you’ve been to the doctor with any of these symptoms and been told all your results are within normal range and “it might be in your head…” this episode is for you. We bring clarity and validation to a pretty confusing and oft muddy topic.

As a well respected academic and researcher, Dr Miranda wrote chapter vitamin B1, B2, B3, B5 & Soy.