Blood Chemistry: How To Interpret Blood Tests for Optimal Health (HARD COPY)


The majority of symptoms that you are experiencing can be traced back to what’s happening within your biochemistry. The answers are easy to find, when you know what to look for.

This eBook helps you analyse your own blood tests in a proactive way, approaching blood chemistry from the perspective of optimal health; whilst providing you with actionable information you can immediately implement to improve your health.

48 tests analysed. Simple to understand. Easy to action.

Take control of your own health.

Let’s get real – doctors are busy. How many times have you walked away from a consultation feeling unheard? Your symptoms may have been dismissed, and you were unable to get answers for what you were experiencing.

Too many practitioners overlook and fail to understand the importance of the correlation between our blood chemistry and our state of health.

Our blood chemistry is not just about finding disease.

If we understand what’s happening with our biochemistry, we can then take control, be preventative instead of reactive and gain a greater understanding of our own bodies.

Written by Andy Lucas and Dr Miranda Myles, with over 35+ years combined experience working with 1000’s of patients across the health, fitness and education industries.

Presented in a simple, easy to understand format,
without heavy medical jargon.


Understand the difference between medical and optimal ranges on your blood tests, link possible symptoms to causes of potential excesses or deficiencies within your body, and learn the actionable steps of what you can do about it.

This eBook provides you with the knowledge to interpret your own blood tests so you can take back control of your own biochemistry. Upon completion, this eBook will equip you with the knowledge of:

  • What each blood test is for
  • The difference between medical and optimal ranges
  • Causes and symptoms linked back to possible excesses or deficiencies
  • Lifestyle and nutritional factors that can influence your results



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