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    Receive all 3 Blood Test Blueprints (Happy Hormones, Fertility and Thyroid) all in one discounted bundle. Save more than 25% when you purchase as a bundle  All the information you need to empower you to understand your own hormone, fertility and thyroid blood test results to help you feel better in your body.
  • An easy to follow blood test reference guide to empower you to understand exactly what your fertility blood test results should look like. First thing first. There is no single way to 'test your fertility'. Your fertility is multifactorial and the bloods we look at consider many factors to paint a picture of your overall health. After-all, your fertility is a reflection of that. Often, when we look at what has been tested, things have been missed. Bloods that should be part of standard fertility testing have not been done.   So, this is my list of the most essential fertility blood tests with the optimal reference ranges, so you can understand your fertility and become your most favourite, fertile self.
  • An easy to follow blood test reference guide to empower you to understand exactly what your hormone blood test results mean. The blueprint for happy hormones details ideal levels for your most essential sex & thyroid hormones, plus nutrients.  Blood tests have very wide reference ranges, and conventional interpretation means as long as you fall in that range, ”your bloods are normal” and “you are fine”. However, If you sit at either the upper or lower end of the range, or outside the optimal range, you can feel ‘hormotional’ or be suffering any number of hormonal imbalances.  This blueprint will help you understand your blood results to help you feel better in your body with happier hormones.
  • An easy to follow blood test reference guide to empower you to understand exactly what needs to be tested to check your thyroid and what the ideal levels should be.  My thyroid has been checked and it’s fine” is a sentence I hear ALL. THE. TIME. Conventionally, when your ‘thyroid’ is tested, it is usually only TSH and T4 if we are lucky. TSH comes from your brain and is testing your brain's communication with your thyroid. It is not testing your thyroid hormones per se. Testing your thyroid is so much more involved.  This is my complete thyroid check detailing ideal reference ranges so you feel better in your body. 
  • The majority of symptoms that you are experiencing can be traced back to what’s happening within your biochemistry. The answers are easy to find, when you know what to look for.

    This eBook helps you analyse your own blood tests in a proactive way, approaching blood chemistry from the perspective of optimal health; whilst providing you with actionable information you can immediately implement to improve your health.

  • Short term ketogenic diet improves hormonal imbalances commonly associated with PCOS. The latest research concludes just 45 days of keto diet in women with PCOS showed significant improvements in reproductive hormone levels, reduced testosterone, reduced LH/FSH ratio and elevated SHBG, and significant weight loss. 

    By understanding PCOS better, you can take steps to manage and reduce your symptoms and improve your overall well-being. This e-book gives you the perfect keto diet for PCOS, including everything you can eat, meal plans, recipes and so much more. 

  • Discover the Ultimate 2-week Transformation. 'Reset and Renew' is my highly anticipated and effective 2-week high protein, low carb reset diet. Feel your most favourite & fertile self in just 14 days. It has worked for 95% of my patients over the last 22 years.

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